Volunteer Spotlight: Jeff & Cindy Klein

One of our values at Gateway Church is serving.  As we realize how much God loves us, we look for opportunities to show that love to others by serving them.  Jeff and Cindy Klein are showing the love of Jesus by serving as parking lot attendants at North Main.  Here is a little bit about them.


Cindy: Jeff and I have attended Gateway church for about 8 years. When Gateway's North Main campus opened last year, we were so excited for that smaller atmosphere and to get more involved. We saw a need for parking lot attendants and thought what a wonderful way to serve and greet those coming to church and as they leave. We have always believed when you serve the church you are serving God. 

We have 2 daughters Samantha and Carly who both live in Columbus and whenever we can we love to go and spend time with them. Jeff is a huge OSU fan and we both love animals. We have 2 cats and a dog.