Great 2018 Journey for Gateway Youth!

Another fantastic year for the Journey as we focused on our theme “Seriously Christian.” Our hope for each of our students is to understand the Gospel and the hope we have in the finished work of Christ. Then, in response to that, understand how our lives should be a reflection of taking that seriously.

This year, we utilized break out sessions for students to pursue specific topics they were hoping to learn more about and the response was fantastic. While I am sure they would all say they love it when Adam does all the teaching for long periods of time after not sleeping all night, they sure loved the smaller group settings and hearing from a variety of different adult leaders.

We were blessed to attend Beulah Beach this year for the first time and a local worship pastor friend (Bob) of Adam’s was able to volunteer his time to lead some wonderful worship and prayer times with the students. On Saturday, Bob and his wife, Chrissy, led one of our breakout sessions to share about Christian Dating and what God has taught them in their relationship and marriage.

A main passage we studied together comes from Galatians 4:1-12. Paul reminds us of what God has done for us by adopting us as His own children through the work of Christ. And therefore, why are we living according to the ways of the world as if we weren’t the children of God?!

We challenged the students to live as if they are God’s children. And, if they have never responded in faith to what Christ has done on behalf of those God has called to not wait to talk to their leaders and family. One of the students who attended the Journey has recently made a profession of faith in response to what God has been doing in their life!!

We are so grateful for all of the parents and volunteers who make it possible for us to share the Gospel with the kids in our community. God has invited us to participate in the work He is doing to call people to repentance and faith, and we are blessed beyond measure to serve alongside of our families here at Gateway. Thank you for entrusting your kids to us!