Volunteer Spotlight: Scott Sharpe

At Gateway, we have many volunteers on any given weekend that make everything run smoothly. This week, we are talking with Scott Sharpe who volunteers as a sound engineer on the tech team. Check out his interview below as he talks about what he loves about serving at Gateway.


How long have you attended Gateway?...been a volunteer in Gateway’s Tech ministry?

We have attended Gateway for 9 years but have only been part of the tech ministry for 2.

In what capacity do you volunteer?

The sound engineer on the tech team.

Why did you initially volunteer to serve?

I initially volunteered because Mike Norman asked me to, and I really enjoy worship music but don’t have any musical experience. This is a way for me to serve the worship team and the congregation through my love of music.

What do you enjoy most about serving with Tech?

I enjoy helping to create a worshipful experience here at Gateway from behind the scenes.

Do you have a favorite ministry memory?

I don’t have one particular memory but really enjoy seeing people worship from the back of the room and knowing that I get to play a part in it.

What would you say to someone who has been feeling a tug to serve, but who hasn’t taken the plunge yet?

I would tell someone who is thinking about volunteering that they will be blessed through it probably even more than those they are serving. I have greeted, been part of security, lead a life group and volunteer on tech. No matter what capacity I have volunteered in, I get to know new and great people, feel more connected to Gateway and have been blessed through the experience.