Gateway Sponsors Scholars for Lanka Bible College

In 2019, Gateway is gifting a $1,000 scholarship for five different students at Lanka Bible College in Sri Lanka. This article will highlight two of the scholarship students, who were recommended by the director, Dr. Danny Moses.

A.W. Madushani Chathurangi was raised by a Buddhist mother and a Roman Catholic father. She already has a diploma in psychology and is married. She heard the gospel from a friend and became a true disciple of Christ. Chathurangi has a passion for worship leading, Sunday school and evangelism. She and her husband planted the Sharon Ministry Church, containing 15 members, which also has two home fellowships elsewhere. She began her studies at Lanka Bible College in January 2018, but she and her husband do not have enough money to pay for the courses. Her husband is also a student at the Bible College.

Krishnan Wijekumar was a fisherman, and he was married to a woman named Maheshwari, who practiced Hinduism. After being married, Krishnan attempted to follow Christianity as his religion without a proper understanding of salvation. At one point his wife became ill, and they decided to attend a gospel meeting, where his wife miraculously received healing. This miracle greatly influenced him, and he committed his life to full-time ministry. He and his wife have three children, Wimasha (14), David (11) and Juda (8). He is currently leading a house church in Barruwala city and is not able to provide enough money for his courses.

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Thanks to our givers at Gateway, we are able to give money to support these two students so that they effectively and powerfully spread the Gospel to others in Sri Lanka!