Converge Recap

Our first year at the Converge conference was AMAZING! On the first weekend of April, we took a group of 8th - 12th graders to Lima, OH for a youth conference that focuses on unifying area ministries and churches under the banner, "One Body, One Mission, One God." If you have a student who will be in 8th grade or older next spring, make plans now for them to come with us! On Saturday, our students were sent in to downtown Lima where the conference gave out 60,000 lbs of food to needy families while sharing the Gospel and praying for people’s needs. It was so encouraging to see our kids take a step of faith in being bold in that way. Our own church group handed out over 2,000 pounds ourselves! (Thanks, Justin Arthur, for figuring the math out on that one!!) The worship was fantastic and the teachers were challenging. We are grateful to all of those who supported us and helped make the weekend possible.