Next Gen Resources

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by Emily Bingley, North Main Kidway Director

Did you know that each campus has a resource board to help equip families in growing closer with Christ? We provide free resources each month as well as give suggestions for other books that would be helpful to families.

The devotionals that are provided are from LifeWay, the same company that our curriculum for Kidway classes comes from. Each devotional has “The Gospel-God’s Plan for Me” in the front. This is the way that we explain the Gospel and how we find God’s Plan in each story. This is a great tool for not only the kids but for adults to explain the Gospel. The devotions help create the disciplines for daily reading and spending time with God. They feature fun facts, games, and puzzles along with the devotions.

  • For kids ages 7-10, we have the Adventure Devotions.

  • For kids ages 10 and up, we have the Bible Express Devotions. This is a two sided devotional, one for girls and one for boys.

Another great free resource is the HomeFront magazine. This magazine is great for families with children of all ages. “Each magazine is divided into two sections: Family Time and Inspire, Equip, Support. Family Time articles are created to equip you to engage with your children on a regular basis. Inspire, Equip, Support articles are parenting stories, devotionals, and ideas to encourage you as you spiritually lead your household.”

For encouraging stories, fun recipes and crafts, and more ideas to connect your family to Jesus Christ and one another, pick up a copy of HomeFront.

Did I mention all three of these resources are free?