Halloween Hospitality Outreach

Every trick or treat night our streets are lined with kids and their parents going door to door collecting candy. On any other night of the year the normal response to someone knocking on your door might be to turn out your lights, hide out of view and pretend that no one is home, but not on Halloween. Instead people boldly approach stranger after stranger’s doors expecting candy and other treats. And most of us gladly oblige.

As Christ followers, Halloween gives us a unique opportunity - the opportunity to go above and beyond, extend hospitality, and invite all who stop at our houses to join us at church, hoping that ultimately it will change their lives forever.

Over the past couple of years, several families from Gateway have gotten creative and taken advantage of this unique opportunity. They have moved from their doors out to the sidewalk setting up a table and chairs, offering coffee, hot chocolate, chili, and even a fire pit to warm trick or treaters and their parents. This has attracted attention and provided the opportunity to connect with their neighbors and give out invitations to church. It has even prompted people to ask why they decided to offer more than just normal quick interaction of dropping a piece or two of candy into a bucket, opening the door for some spiritual conversations.

We encourage you to start thinking now about how you could step out of your comfort zone this Halloween. And to help equip you, we would love to provide you with some invite cards to make inviting your neighbors a little easier. All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up below to request invite cards by October 8.

  2. As a family or Life Group, decide how you would like to show hospitality to your neighbors during trick or treat.

  3. Pick up your invite cards at your campus the weekend of October 26-27

  4. Put your plan into action and use your invite cards to spark some Gospel conversations!

For those of you who may be interested in something a little craftier, another option is this folded paper pumpkin candy holder. The Gospel is printed on the inside, so it is a fun way to share God’s Word with your neighbors. If you want to use those feel free to order them here.

The deadline to request invite cards is October 8.
Cards will be available for pickup at your campus the Weekend of October 26-27