A Former Muslim's Journey to Faith in Jesus

In August, Gateway invited Mike and Stephanie Kuhn to speak to us about the historical account of Hagar and Ishmael. Mike unpacked the cultural and linguistic setting for the story such that we were able to identify God’s intent for the world’s Arab people groups who ultimately descend from Ishmael. God intended that they would be blessed from the beginning. In some respects, this can be a paradigm shift for many. If God has piqued your interest in the Muslim world as a result and you would like to learn more, I would suggest that you read the life testimony of Nabeel Qureshi. Nabeel is now with Jesus, but before he died, he wrote several books. One is “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”. This is a detailed account on how Nabeel agonized through a 4-year process of comparing Islam and Christianity. Nabeel ultimately chose to follow Christ, at great personal cost. This is his story. It is very readable, insightful and full of explanation of how a Muslim thinks. It is also an apologetic comparison of the two beliefs and a solid defense for all Christ followers. I encourage you to read it!