Next Gen Volunteer Spotlight: Aaron Eldridge


This week, for our Next Gen Volunteer Spotlight, we would like to introduce Aaron Eldridge. Aaron has been attending Gateway Church for just over a year, and he serves in Kidway as a Sunday morning Small Group Leader for one of our 4th grade groups. He also serves once a month as a Large Group Host in Kidway. When asked why he initially volunteered to serve, Aaron said, “As a child I always had good role models to look up to both in and out of church. When Josh made the call for more men to serve in Kidway, I knew I had the opportunity to be that for kids now.”

Aaron loves being able to teach the kids in his group new things about the Bible as well as watch them begin to grasp the core message of it. He says, “The kids are a ton of fun to be around and every week is always a new adventure.” One of his favorite memories as a volunteer was when he was hosting large group and leading the song “Great Big God.” He challenged the kids to see which group could be the loudest. He said, “Hearing the students yell ‘Our God is a great big God’ is definitely one of my favorite memories!”

For anyone considering serving in our Next Gen area, Aaron says, “In life there are a million things we can choose to do; not many have the immediate effect that teaching and assisting the next generation does. There are great kids, volunteers and leaders in this program, and I would definitely encourage those on the fence to try it out one Sunday and see how much of an impact God can have through them.”

When Aaron is not serving in Kidway at church, you can often find him doing some sort of physical activity (he loves all sports!) or reading. Thank you Aaron for giving your time and talents to serve our kids at Gateway Church!