Life Group Leader Spotlight: Chris and Carrie Aldrich


We have been blessed to be part of the Jolliff Life Group for the past 6 years. Joining them gave us an opportunity to connect with the other members, and we have truly had a blast together. We have learned so much from all of our members, not only personally, but spiritually. They have been able to show us true leadership and demonstrate what it means to be a Christ follower.

After much prayer, God was calling us to venture out from the comfort of our group and to take a leap of faith to become new Life Group Leaders. As we have ventured down this path, Ed, Scott and Connie have been very inspirational and reassuring. They have been able to guide us and help ease our fears and anxiety. We have learned so much just through the Life Group process and it has been fun to be a small part.

As we move into the next chapter, we will be taking over for the McGlade’s Life Group. God has already done amazing things in their group from serving, singing and prayer. We are so excited to begin and to see all the amazing things God has planned for us.

We hope you also take a leap of faith and join a Life Group, if you have not already. It will literally change your life!