Youth Mission Team in the DR

This last week, Gateway sent 30 of our youth and adults on a trip to the Dominican Republic with Mission Possible. While in the DR, the team lead a sports camp in the community, where they were able to use the platform of playing sports to share the Gospel with area kids. During the camp, they had the opportunity to build relationships, teach the Bible through skits, and share their testimonies. Our team also had the opportunity to go out in small groups to talk with people in the community and pray with families, and in the evenings they participated in worship and Bible study time together as a group. We’ve had the opportunity to hear from several of the students already about their experience on this trip and the impact it had on them...

Hello all back home, this is Conner Johannigman - While the time I’ve spent here has mostly been hot, sweaty, and tiring, what I’ve witnessed so far has more than made up for it. Yesterday was our first day of actual activities and I got to walk around and pray for families in the community. Getting to see and hear about the lives of these families was an eye-opening experience and I am glad that I got to be a part of a group that helped make their lives better in the long run. Today I helped by playing basketball with the children at camp and I really enjoyed it!

Katie Corbin and Chloe Jones here. - After breakfast, we went on a prayer walk with the church located at the school. For all of us it was really eye-opening. We were able to see the living conditions of the people in Barahona personally which adds depth to the ministry we are doing. I (KC) am super excited to be translating for Lindsay Norman and teaching the kids Amazing Grace with my Kidway motions (Muchas Gracias Aunt Amberly!) At 6:00 PM we had a church service at the Creole church. The service started with music and singing from different people in the church. Many different styles and very enjoyable to dance and listen to...Please continue to pray for us as we meet the kids and interact with them tomorrow!

Buenas tardes amigos!! This is Chloe Miller! This week has been so fun! Unfortunately, I feel like it is going too fast! It’s good to be back here. I love seeing familiar faces, views, and just experiencing the environment of a different country. On each day of camp, I have been one of the translators. Monday I did volleyball, and today I did basketball. I love it! I never knew that I could do something like this! It is such an awesome experience. I can talk to the kids in regular conversations and joke around with them.

Hola! This is Katie Veenstra! These kids have taught me so much already about how to be more grateful for what I have and how to truly spread the love of God with others! I am so excited to see what the rest of this week has in store!

Thank you, Gateway, for your generosity in sending out this mission team of teens! Please continue to pray for this group and our other youth team that will be traveling later this summer. Please pray that a fire will be ignited in the hearts of our young people to see the Gospel of Jesus spread not only throughout their schools and the Findlay area, but even to the ends of the earth!


Gateway is Going...To Bernard park

This spring, a few Gateway members who attend our N Main campus had an idea for an informal outreach opportunity to do over the summer. Their idea was pretty simple, really - every Wednesday evening at 6, any families who choose to participate show up at Bernard Park (1105 Bernard Ave, Findlay) to play together, have a snack, and be intentional about forming relationships with the kids and families in that neighborhood. Two of the people spearheading the idea, Angi Goeller and Lisa Hoy, are both teachers at Jacobs Primary school and had an opportunity to spread the word about the gatherings amongst their students before school was out for the summer. Unfortunately, their first Wednesday was rained out, but the past two weeks, they have seen a good number of students, Jacobs staff and Gateway families gathering together for fellowship and fun.

Bernard park 1.JPG

Last Wednesday, a few of Lisa’s former students were at the park and asked if they could come to church with her over the weekend. Lisa and her husband, Nate, brought 3 of the kids to church Saturday night where they participated in our Kidway program, enjoying stories, songs and a silly paper bag puppet video. The kids enjoyed it so much, they asked to come back on Sunday and jumped right in helping Lisa and Nate on the parking lot team! In Lisa’s words, “I know this family fairly well, and these are great kids that are born leaders. I feel blessed to be able to help them see a positive way to use these leadership skills while being embraced by a loving church that can show them the true love of Christ...so they can build a solid foundation of faith that they can rely on when undesirable aspects of life come their way.”

Wow! As we are wrapping up our “Ordinary” sermon series this weekend, isn’t it exciting to see how God is using a few “ordinary” believers with an “ordinary” idea to impact the culture around them? How about you? An evening playing at Bernard Park may not really be your thing and that’s okay, but what is your thing? Where are you already going or what are you already doing that you need to start viewing through the lens of intentional “going?” As Pastor Josh challenged us last week:

Don’t go to the grocery store to buy groceries. Go to the grocery store to be a witness of the resurrection of Christ and while you’re being a witness, buy some groceries. Take your kids to the soccer game to be witnesses first, and while you — and your kids — are being witnesses, enjoy playing soccer. Go to school to be a witness for Christ and while you’re there, learn. Go on vacation to be a witness for Christ and while you’re there enjoy God’s blessing of a vacation. Go about life — doing ordinary things — but go as a witness for Christ — looking for ordinary opportunities to point others to Jesus — for that’s what we’re called to be — we’re called to be His witnesses. (June 9-10, 2018)

Would you join us in praying not only for the Bernard Park outreaches as they continue throughout the summer, but also for one another - that God would ignite a passion in each of us to see our ordinary lives as outlets for engaging with the community around us with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?