Upcoming Sermon Series: #TrendingNow

Upcoming Sermon Series:  #TrendingNow

Many of today’s hot topics drive our culture, shape our future, impact the church and beg for Bible-based conversation.  Starting September 13, we will launch a series of messages called ‘Trending Now’ – a look at some of those hot topics like same sex attraction, other religions, addictions and the rise of millennials.  It will be a necessary, even if it’s controversial, look at the world we live in.  Our goal, as always, will be to proclaim the gospel truth even as we try to discern the times.  Please pray for clear teaching on these topics and that God would help you bring people to our Sunday morning gatherings.

Trending Now Messages:

  • September 13 - “Living Together”

  • September 20 - “Same Sex Attractions”

  • September 27 - “What About All Those Other Religions?”

  • October 4 - “Persecution”

  • October 11 - “Addiction Nation”

  • October 18 - “Millennials”

  • October 25 - “Who Needs The Church?

P.S. The first two messages are "PG-13" - Parental Guidance Suggested - Parents be aware.