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Series Overview

A series focused on the Grace of God, and a fond farewell for Pastor Ben Borsay as he retires from full-time vocational ministry at Gateway Church. The series outline is as follows:

Week 1:
April 14 (Palm Sunday)
"Who Is This?" - Matthew 21:1-11

April 18 (Maundy Thursday)
"And When He Had Given Thanks" - 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

Week 2:
April 20+21 (Easter Sunday)
"His Grace to Me" - 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Week 3:
April 28
"All Things" - Romans 8:32

Series Title

The title is derived from a quote by Christian author, Philip Yancey. “The Last Best Word” was not originally the title of the series, but, rather, came up during a discovery meeting. Yancey had the following to say in his book What’s So Amazing About Grace?:

As a writer, I play with words all day long. I toy with them, listen for their overtones, crack them open, and try to stuff my thoughts inside. I've found that words tend to spoil over the years, like old meat. Their meaning rots away. Consider the word "charity," for instance. When King James translators contemplated the highest form of love they settled on the word "charity" to convey it. Nowadays we hear the scornful protest, "I don't want your charity!" Perhaps I keep circling back to grace because it is one grand theological word that has not spoiled. I call it "the last best word" because every English usage I can find retains some of the glory of the original. Like a vast aquifer, the word underlies our proud civilization, reminding us that good things come not from our own efforts, rather by the grace of God. Even now, despite our secular drift, taproots still stretch toward grace.

Additionally, if this is to be Pastor Ben’s farewell to Gateway Church as her founding pastor, it seems appropriate that his final word would be about the last best word.

Series Identity

While the title of the series may be “The Last Best Word,” the underlying theme of the series is grace. With this thought in mind, Ben envisioned a simple, word-based design to serve as the series identity. A light impression of the word “Grace” serves as the base for the main graphic. Since this series will stretch across the Easter season, a color palette is used that lends itself to the spirit of the season as well.

Finally, the series title was worked into the graphic in order to create a commingling effect between title and theme. This demonstrates cohesion in that they work in tandem to communicate a very specific message. The same typeface used to represent the word “Grace” is also used for the title, although it is has been italicized in order to create emphasis within the artwork, and a contrast between the title and the impressed theme.

The Last Best Word - Final.jpg

Bumper Treatment

The bumper for the series will not directly tie-in with the series branding. Since this series also serves as a Swan song for Pastor Ben, a bumper is being created that featuring clips from previous bumpers created through the years featuring classic “Ben Moments.”