Worship Team: 

Worship positions are filled on an "as needed" basis. If it is determined that your skills fulfill a current need with the worship team, you will be contacted regarding an audition. Volunteers on our worship team use their gifts to serve the church body through the expression of worship to the Lord through music. They serve by singing and/or playing an instrument in the worship band during our weekend services, special events, and other ministry events during a given week. 

The Process:

1. You complete the application provided and submit it for review by the worship staff. Please fill this out as completely as possible. 

2. Next, a short interview with worship director. This is informal and just to go over your application to get to know you a little better. This can be conducted either in person or through a phone call. 

3. Finally, you will be sent an email with a link to 2 - 3 song tracks and charts to learn for your audition. These will be specific to the vocal part or instrument for which you will be auditioning. Please take the time to learn the songs and your specific parts to the best of your abilities. We're not asking for perfection, but we do want to see what you can do!


1. Faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him.

2. A heart to serve the body of Christ using the gifts with which God has given you.

3. Must be 16 years old or older with your own mode of transportation. If you are under 16, please consider serving in our youth ministry band, you can contact Adam Borsay for more details. 

4. Be available for rehearsals and designated call times for events and Sunday services as set for the campus at which you're serving. Typically, rehearsals for Sunday morning services are held Thursday evening (for both campuses), but rehearsals for special events are scheduled contingent upon a variety of factors. 


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