February 21, 2024

2024 Staffing Updates

Written by: Laura Moore, Executive Director

5 years ago I wrote a blurb for the Weekly email introducing Kelly Green as Gateway Church’s new Go Director. Kelly had already been on staff a couple years serving in the role of Director of Operations, but because of his background and passion for missions, he agreed to take this new role in addition to his current responsibilities. Since that time Kelly has done an outstanding job leading our Operations team through the uncertainties of COVID, the sale of our farmhouse property, the construction of a new workshop/storage facility and an indoor playground, as well as countless other projects. At the same time he has also led the Go Ministry into new territory such as Lebanon, Bangladesh, and Cuba. Kelly has worn both of his “staff hats” extremely well – always leading with integrity and passion. However, the plan for Kelly to oversee two large departments was never a long-term, sustainable staffing plan.

God has blessed Gateway Church immensely and we made plans within our 2024 budget to hire a new staff member to take one of Kelly’s roles, allowing him the opportunity to focus his energy in one direction. If you have the pleasure of knowing Kelly, it is probably no surprise that he has chosen to remain Gateway Church’s Go Director. As often happens here, a change in one staff position creates opportunities for other staff to move into new roles, and this is no exception. What started as one change has actually resulted in a number of exciting new opportunities:

  • Jon McKanna will be taking over as our Director of Operations. Jon has been a part of Gateway Church for almost 6 years and thus, has a good understanding of the culture of Gateway Church and our staff. He has proven integrity and the ability to juggle many things at one time, which are all vital skills for this role. Jon has done an outstanding job leading our Worship and Communication teams, as well as leading our North Main Campus in worship, but we are excited for him to have this opportunity to learn and grow into something new. Jon will remain active as a volunteer within the North Main Campus worship team, so those who worship at that campus will still have the opportunity to worship with him each month. 
  • Hannah Otley will be taking over as our North Main Campus Worship Leader. Hannah has been part of our County Road 9 Campus worship team since she was in high school, so we are thrilled for her to have this opportunity to step into a new level of leadership. Hannah will continue with her Youth Ministry responsibilities - serving as Assistant Director and overseeing the youth worship band. 
  • Shaun Meloy will be transitioning out of his role as Worship Leader at our County Road 9 Campus to take over as our Director of Communications. Shaun has been a vital part of our Communications team for as long as we have had a Communications team - overseeing almost all graphics, sermon series concepts, and podcast production. One condition Shaun gave before accepting his new role was that he be allowed to remain a consistent part of the County Road 9 Campus worship team. We wholeheartedly accepted his condition, so those who worship at that campus will continue to be blessed by Shaun’s talents on a regular basis.
  • Nearly 1.5 years ago I wrote a farewell, thank-you blurb to Lindsay Norman for her time on staff as a Worship Department Administrative Assistant. Today I am excited to be welcoming Lindsay back to staff as the Director of Worship Ministries. As part of her new role, she will also be responsible for overseeing worship at our County Road 9 Campus. Lindsay has already been an integral part of Gateway Church’s Worship Ministry for many years, so her transition into this role is a natural fit. She will be finishing out the school year at Liberty Benton Schools, but will be rejoining staff later this year. 

Most of these transitions will be taking place gradually over the next several months. We look forward to this season with excitement for what God will do in and through Kelly, Jon, Hannah, Shaun, and Lindsay!