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equip classes

Equip classes are classes we offer to help equip the body of Christ to carry out God’s mission. These classes are not intended to replace our weekly worship gatherings or Life Groups, but are instead short classes, in most cases lasting a month or two, on specific and focused topics.

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SEminary Classes

Gateway Church and Knox Seminary have begun a partnership that gives you the opportunity to try out a seminary class without credit for free to see what it would be like. If you find that it is something you would like to pursue then you can simply register for a class on the Knox website where you can earn credits for classes you attend online with the end result being a Master’s degree of your choice.

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Upcoming Classes

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At Gateway Church membership is open to those who:
     - Have been baptized in a Bible-teaching church
     - Meet with a church elder to share their profession of faith
     - Commit to serving Christ by participating in the discipleship process of Gateway Church
     - Submit themselves to the spiritual oversight and leadership of the church elders

This class is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the church's mission and values while providing opportunities to meet and interact with many church leaders. It will span 4 weeks and be a combination of 2 in-person gatherings as well as weekly readings and online content that can be done at your own pace. Membership is for those ages 16 and older.

2024 Classes
     - Summer Membership Classes: June 9 and June 30; Installation Sunday evening, August 4
     - Fall Membership Classes: September 9 and September 30; Installation Sunday evening, November 3

*Registration for the Summer and Winter classes will come later in the year.

baptisms & dedications

Baptisms: At Gateway Church we believe baptism is a sign and symbol that marks someone as part of God's covenant community. Therefore we practice the baptism of people who have professed faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and have promised to be obedient to him (Believer Baptism), as well as infants of one or both believing parents (Infant Baptism).

Child Dedication: At Gateway Church we have chosen not to make a parent's decision between baptizing or dedicating their child a point of argument, but instead make room for both. Because baptism and dedication both reflect the partnership and mutual commitment of parents and the church in the spiritual upbringing of the child, parents wishing to dedicate or baptize their child must be members of Gateway Church.

2024 Classes
     - Winter Class: February 28; Believer baptisms Sunday morning, March 31 and infant baptism/child dedication Sunday morning, April 14
     - Summer Class: June 19; Believer baptisms and infant baptism/child dedication Sunday evening, August 4
     - Fall Class: September 18; Believer baptisms and infant baptism/child dedication Sunday evening, November 3

*Registration for the Summer and Winter classes will come later in the year.

What is baptism?
One helpful answer to this question comes from the New City Catechism, which states, “Baptism is the washing with water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; it signifies and seals our adoption into Christ, our cleansing from sin, and our commitment to belong to the Lord and to his church. (Question 44)

What baptism ISN’T...
Baptism does NOT save you. As the New City Catechism states, "only the blood of Christ and the renewal of the Holy Spirit can cleanse us from sin." (Question 45)

We believe salvation occurs when a person confesses with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and believes in their heart that God raised Him from the dead. (Romans 10:9-10)

Who should be baptized?
The Westminster Shorter Catechism answers our question: "Those who are not members of churches should not be baptized until they have publicly stated that they believe in Christ and will obey him, but the infant children of church members should be baptized." (Q95) (Acts 2:38-39, 41)

Why is membership required?
In the Acts passage above, we see that all who were baptized were "added to the church that day." Being added to the church is called church membership. Thus, all who want to be baptized, or desire to have their child baptized, must be a member of Gateway Church.

How should you be baptized?
We generally practice immersion baptism. This means that one is fully immersed under water. We do, however, believe the type of baptism is not as significant as obeying Christ and being baptized. It does not matter if someone has been baptized by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion. We practice immersion because we feel it best visually illustrates what Christ has done in our lives.

When should you be baptized?
If someone has never been baptized and becomes a Christ-follower, we believe he or she should be baptized. We do not believe you need to be baptized more than once (this would include if you were baptized as an infant). Adults (18+) who wish to be baptized at Gateway Church must participate in the Membership Class process, which will include a Baptism Class session, and be interviewed by an elder before being baptized. Children of Gateway Church members (17 or younger) who wish to be baptized must attend a Baptism Class, along with their parent, and be interviewed by an elder before being baptized.

Knox seminary

Are you interested in growing deeper in your faith and in your knowledge of the Scriptures? Have you ever wanted to see what it might be like to step outside the typical Bible studies and classes that churches offer? Did you know there is more than 1 reason to go to seminary? Knox Seminary not only offers 4 degree programs, but also has 5 certificate programs that could benefit you as a Life Group leader, a Next Gen leader, a future church staff member, elder or missionary, or even just a regular church member. Whether you are feeling called into pastoral ministry or are simply desiring to grow in Biblical knowledge and application, seminary training may be an option for you.

Gateway Church and Knox Seminary have begun a partnership that would allow members to pursue one of those degrees or certificates for ⅓ of the regular tuition cost. The Church Partnership Program is designed to help make the cost of a seminary education more affordable for students, and Gateway Church has several scholarships available for members who would like to take advantage of this opportunity. 

For more information about Knox Seminary, the Church Partnership Program, or to enroll in classes you can simply go to the Knox Seminary
website. For more information about degree or certificate options, or to find out more about Gateway Church’s scholarship, please ask for a Knox Seminary brochure at your campus Resource Center, or contact the church office at