Carsten Weizer

Production Technology Director

Carsten was born to Sabine and Daniel Weizer in Germany. After a few years, the Weizer family moved to a small town outside of Cleveland. Growing up, Carsten spent many hours studying the art of video production, and as soon as he could find jobs, started freelancing. In high school, Carsten worked as an audio tech at a theater where he worked close to 50 theatrical productions. After high school, Carsten attended Cleveland State for a year for their film and digital media program. During that time, Carsten continued to freelance as a cinematographer for many film productions. After Cleveland, Carsten moved to Vermillion, Ohio, where he worked at a summer camp for two summers (Beulah Beach Camp and Retreat Center) where he spent time working on the media team producing videos and honing his craft. In February 2017, Carsten originally joined the staff of Gateway as the Media Production Assistant. He now serves as the Production Technology Director for both campuses.

In Carsten’s free time, he enjoys riding and working on his motorcycle, road trips, collecting vinyl records, listening to a variety of music (ranging from the classics of the 60’s and 70’s', such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Allman Brothers Band and the like to the 90’s punk and modern pop punk music such as the replacements, the wonder years and The Gas Light Anthem, and any other genre of music, except for ska.) and getting tattooed.