Christmas Eve SErvices

Come and join us for one of our special Christmas Eve services where we will celebrate the coming of our savior, Jesus.

County Road 9 Campus and North Main Campus

4:00pm | 6:00pm

We will also stream our Christmas Eve services online.

We will not be having services on December 25.

January 1 we will be a combined family service at County Road 9 Campus at 9:00am and 10:45am


What to Expect

Service will be approximately 70 minutes. Our live worship team will lead us in singing, followed by a message from Pastor Josh. The message will be streamed online as well.

When should I show up?

If you can, show up 10-15 minutes early to help in finding a seat. If you have children who will be checked into the nursery, allow for a couple extra minutes to check them in as well.

What will my children do?

Nursery care will be provided for children up through 2 years of age, and special needs children of any age at our County Road 9 Campus. Christmas Eve services are a great time to join together in worship as an entire family. We will have activity packets available for children who are with you in service.

What to wear?

Come as you are. You will find a full range of what people wear, from people coming straight from work dressed casually to those decked out in their festive clothing.

What to bring?

Bring yourself, your family and your friends.

What will this year's Christmas Eve Offering go to?

This year’s Christmas Eve offering will go to:


  • New Hope Church is where Pastor Ben is currently the Transitional Pastor in Florida, and their community was hit hard by Hurricane Ian. The funds that will be sent to them will go towards helping people while they recover from this tragedy. Watch this video for more information.


  • Gateway Church invested in the lives of two Afghan families this year here in Findlay. Unfortunately, both families needed to move to other locations in the US, yet not before our small group of Gateway Church hosts invested significantly in their lives. Having experienced some of the difficulties these displaced families encountered, we would like to invest in an organization that is making an impact in multiple locations inside Afghanistan. Gateway Church has supported this organization in the past and for security sake, we cannot mention their name. We can say however that they have made an impact for Christ's kingdom for more than 20 years in Afghanistan and continue to do so. Gateway Church would like to support this organization's ongoing work and even more so now that Afghans are suffering physically with the economic disaster.
What should I do if I have trouble with the online stream?

Check both Facebook and Church Online links above. Also try refreshing your page.