February 4, 2019

Justice for the Liar Q&A

In today’s message in the passage of 2 Timothy you mentioned The Holy Spirit/ God breathed the words for the authors of the Bible. I wholeheartedly believe this is true. However how do we as Christians rectify this statement for our Catholic friends who have a couple of books in their bible that differ from the Protestants? Did God “whisper” in different tones where only certain groups hear? I say that in sarcasm but would like to know how to answer this question especially when a person is trying to evangelize to people who have been exposed to the catholic faith. Thanks

The question you're asking is about which books should be in the Bible. In the book I mentioned during the sermon, Greg Gilbert's Why Trust the Bible?, chapter 4 addresses this specific issue and how we know which books God intended to be in the Bible. I'd recommend this chapter to you as Gilbert does a great job of addressing this somewhat complicated topic. However, let me say that we would not believe that God "whispered" different tones or words for only certain groups to hear. We believe that the 66 books in our Bible, and only those 66 books, are the Word of God.