November 8, 2021

Pray Without Ceasing

How is your prayer life? This was the question posed to me by my mentor a few years back. You see I was struggling with some decisions I had to make that affected my life and everyone in it. Now some of these things were out of my control, and I was working on trusting God with them. I sat in my mentor’s office unloading all of my worries hoping he would give me the answers I sought. But instead, he challenged my time and intentionality in prayer. He went on to tell me the stories of great men in the faith that used the discipline of prayer to sustain them in their ministries, families, and their everyday lives. All of these men structured their daily lives around their prayer schedule, not their prayer around their plans for the day.

One of those men my friend spoke about was John Calvin. He prayed intentionally five times a day. About a year ago, I read an article written by one of my favorite pastors and teachers, Tim Keller. In this article, he shares the story about Calvin and his process when it came to prayer. I have started doing a modified version of this prayer schedule in my life and I can see and feel a difference. My challenge to you is if you are struggling to pray without ceasing, check out this article and give this method a try. If you do take on this prayer challenge, let us know.

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