April 27, 2021

Invest in the Lives of Children at Gateway

Would you like to invest in the lives of children at Gateway Church? Research shows that kids who have five or more adults who invest in their faith over time have a greater chance of having a mobilized faith. (“Creating a Lead Small Culture”, pg 84). While parents are the most important influence in their children's lives, they are not the only influence their children need. Children also need other adults who believe in God, who believe in them, and who give them a place to belong.

At Gateway, we are grateful for every one of our Kidway volunteers! Each week, they connect with the kids in their class and impact their faith. Did you know that on Sunday mornings, in order to be fully functioning in our preschool and elementary classes, we need a total of 36 volunteers at our County Road 9 campus and 12 volunteers at our North Main campus? Our Kidway volunteers serve throughout the school year and while some continue on and serve during the summer, others take a well deserved and much needed break during the summer months. Deserae Patterson is one of our volunteers who serves with the elementary children at our North Main campus. She appreciates that the kids from her Kidway class are mentored and taught by other adults during the summer which helps them grow in their relationship with Jesus. She values that kids get a chance to learn about Jesus from a variety of Christ followers.

Are you ready to make a difference? Fill out our Summer Serve form today and help us show Jesus’ love to the kids at Gateway Church!


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