March 21, 2022

Podcasts for Kids

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Did you know there are some that are specifically geared toward children? Better yet, there are many Christian podcasts available for children that teach them about God and the Bible! Listening to a Christian podcast in the car or at home with your children provides screen-free entertainment and uplifting content as well.

I particularly love the Daily Audio Bible. You can listen online or download the app. There is a “Kids” channel that has an elementary boy named Ezekiel reading through the New Testament in a year. Either his mom or dad are often with him but every once in a while Ezekiel reads on his own and then each episode is closed with a prayer. Each episode is less than 10 minutes long so this could easily be used in the car on the way to school or while running errands with your kids. There is also an option to read along with the audio which could be a great tool for young readers who are trying to improve their reading skills. Podcasts have many other benefits as well. They can help children build listening stamina, inspire their imaginations, develop critical thinking, improve vocabulary and comprehension, and increase language fluency. They can also be a springboard for spiritual conversations with your children. If you and your children have a favorite podcast, tell us about it on our Kidway Facebook page. You can also check out this article with more podcast recommendations for children.

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