April 12, 2022

Gateway Podcast: Episode 109



You can listen to or watch Gateway Podcast Episode 109 here.

In this episode we are discussing Chapter 7 of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship by Peter Scazzero.

(Pg 135) — It never occurred to me how badly I was failing at a central teaching of the gospel — that love for individuals made in God’s image is inextricably linked to love for God. (3:15)

(pg 136) “Did I need people to come to faith in Jesus to build our church, or could I love them regardless of their decision to follow Jesus and serve in the ministry?” (4:20)

As a member of Gateway, I know that I’m loving people for who they are when _______? As a member of Gateway, I know that I’m using people for how they contribute to my vision for a church when _________? (14:40)

(pg 141) I-It Relationship vs I-Thou Relationship (15:50)

Final Thought (24:50)