May 3, 2022

Gateway Podcast: Episode 112



You can listen to or watch Gateway Podcast Episode 112 here.

Discussion on the Lord’s Supper with Robbie Crouse from Knox Seminary

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at Knox. 0:45

If people want to find out more about Knox, where should they go for more information? 2:15


What are various views of the Lord's Supper? 4:00

What are the key differences between the views? 4:40

Many people may wonder why some churches do communion weekly, others once a month, others quarterly, etc…why the differences? 16:50

What are important passages in Scripture that we should take into consideration? 24:40

In our (Gateway's) tradition, the Reformed view, what does it mean that grace is offered to us in the sacrament? 29:15

What does it mean to take communion in an unworthy manner? Who is communion for? (Specifically, what about children? 39:20

Why is communion something we do with the gathered church? As opposed to grabbing a cracker and some grape juice by ourselves at home. 49:30

Final Thought (57:20)