June 14, 2022

Gateway Podcast: Episode 118



You can listen to or watch Gateway Podcast Episode 118 here.

Follow up on recent sermon series (Verses Taken Out of Context)

Q & A:

  • We know God loves us all equally, God does not show favoritism, and God does not take bribes. But yet we know the power in fasting and the importance of fasting. How is fasting not considered a bribe? (3:45)
  • Could you please expand upon 1 John 5:16-17. What is meant by sin that leads to death versus sin that does not lead to death? And is the author saying that we should not ask God to help those who are committing the sin that leads to death? (9:45)

What’s Josh Been Reading?

How Do I Know I’m Really Repentant? By Jared Wilson (21:15)

Shared week of June 1st in the Weekly email

He begins by asking what does a repentant heart look like? (21:25)

He shares a quote from a book on Church Discipline by Jonathan Leeman and then suggests some signs of a genuinely repentant heart. (22:30)

Final/Pastoral Thoughts (35:55)