June 28, 2022

Gateway Podcast: Episode 120



You can listen to or watch Gateway Podcast Episode 120 here.

Discussion on the LifeWise Academy with Sarah Steiner and Annie Gill

First time podcast guests, Sarah & Annie! Tell us a little bit about yourself (0:40)


We’ve talked on several previous episodes about the difference between ministries we “own” as a church vs. ministries we “catalyze.” Today we’ll be talking about a ministry Gateway is helping to catalyze, so Cody, can you give us a brief reminder of what that means? (5:05)

You ladies are involved with a program called Lifewise Academy that is hoping to launch at several schools in Hancock county. Tell us a little bit about what Lifewise is and who it is for. (10:10)

How did you all get involved and what made you want to see something like this come to Hancock County? (15:55)

There are still a lot of details being worked out, but what is Gateway’s involvement with Lifewise at this point? (20:15)

If someone listening wants to be involved somehow, what does Lifewise need from the community? Who should they contact if they have more questions or would like to be involved? (30:55)

Final Thought (35:50)