June 8, 2022

Gateway Podcast: Episode 117



You can listen to or watch Gateway Podcast Episode 117 here.

In this episode we are discussing Chapter 9 of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship by Peter Scazzero.

The author opens the chapter by detailing how his upbringing, ministry models, professional training, and theology contributed to his inability to be weak and vulnerable. Over the years, what have you learned or absorbed about weakness and vulnerability from similar sources? (6:15)

Review the chart on page 193 contrasting weak and vulnerable leadership with proud and defensive leadership. Which one or two statements on the chart do you relate to most right now? Why? (13:20)

(pg 197) “God built brokenness and weakness into the fabric of all life when he set in motion the consequences of the fall…He did this so that our weaknesses would drive us to seek him and recognize our need for him as Savior.” How do you (or have you) seen this play out in your life and/or ministry? (20:10)

What are 1-2 practical goals, either personal or ministry goals, applying what we’ve learned from the book? How can we work towards those in the remainder of 2022? (29:05)

Final Thought