July 6, 2022

Gateway Podcast: Episode 121



You can listen to Gateway Podcast Episode 121 here.

Discussion with EPC Pastor, SJ Winter

Tell us a bit about yourself. (0:30)


Background to this topic. (1:45)

What is connectionalism and why is it important? (2:40)

I mentioned that the EPC has chosen not to require uniformity on some doctrinal positions that churches and denominations have split over. What are some examples and how has unity, instead of uniformity, been something you’ve found to be encouraging and/or a challenging experience for you in our denomination? (6:30)

We’ve talked about our denomination, but what about in a local church? I’m sure you’ve experienced in your church, like me here at Gateway, godly, Jesus loving folks who lean more towards wanting uniformity rather than unity. What would your encouragement be as to why being committed to connectionalism — or being “connected to one another” — should be highly valued even though we may have some disagreements with each other? (17:15)

I’m sure someone’s been thinking, “But surely some things are worth going our separate ways over.” The EPC does have doctrines that are required to be believed, so there is some uniformity. In a local church, what might be some “lines in the sand” so to speak, where if this line is crossed a person may want to consider moving on to another church? What might be some things you’d caution not separating over? (30:40)

Any final thoughts? (37:50)

Pastoral Final Thought    (40:20)