October 30, 2023

2023 Facilities Updates

Written by: Jared McBride, Facilities Manager

Back in May we announced a list of projects you would be seeing happen around both campuses, projects to maintain and update our facilities for the purpose furthering ministry. 

North Main Campus:

A great new parking lot that is smoother, has less trip hazards, and less obstacles for snow removal.

Fresh white paint on the front columns, and repairs to the columns to keep them stable for years to come.

New lighting, windows, and furniture in the youth room.

New basement doors. They are able to be secured in the event of an emergency.

Yet to come:

Security and fire updates to make the building both more secure and able to be more widely used. These updates are paid for by a grant we were awarded last year.

A half wall in the nursery.

Worship Center ceiling getting painted. 2024

County Road 9 Campus:

Storage building is complete, with a much better space to organize, store, and access items for ministry. We also now have a better designated space to work on projects such as stage sets and look forward to utilizing it as we prepare for VBS next year. We are currently working to further equip it with tools and set up the workshop area. This was paid from the proceeds of selling the farmhouse to the south of our property, where we had been storing items.

Security updates have been completed, allowing us to better give and monitor access to the building. Fire Alarm updates are also in progress to extend voice evacuation throughout the building.These updates are paid for by a grant we were awarded last year.

The playground had some much needed repairs made and the staining has been completed, making it nicer and safer for our children. This was done through our deacons and other volunteers.

Yet to come:

Indoor playground in the Kidway lobby. This will be a great tool for our families to use on cold and wet days, as well as a great opportunity to invite friends into the building. 

Gym Carpet 2024

Parking lot repairs 2024

New Nursing Mom’s room 2024

Some of these projects were contracted out, but several were also completed by volunteers. I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who helped on these projects, and others not listed above. It is great being able to share the load and take care of what we have been entrusted with. If you are interested in pitching in on future projects like these, let the church office know and we can add you to the email list for volunteers who would like to help out with facilities items.