June 25, 2024

2024 VBS Recap

Written by: Tracy Thomas, 2024 VBS Director

There is just something special about VBS. 

Only God has the power to bring nearly 600 people of various ages and backgrounds together for 4 consecutive nights of organized chaos. To see the Church in action, pouring themselves out for the sake of the gospel to hundreds of children, some known, and some strangers; it is a majestic sight to behold. We unite with one goal and one purpose: to share the saving name of Jesus with the children of our area. To plant seeds of faith that the Lord will use to grow into a relationship with him. VBS beautifully displays the body of Christ at work. One body with many members, each member serving in different capacities, but each so valuable. I would argue that nothing else at Gateway Church so visually exemplifies the unity and diversity of the body that Paul describes to the Corinthians quite like VBS does. 

It “just so happens” that God was preparing our Church body for VBS. Pastor Josh has been teaching in big Church about Daniel being not conformed to the world while living in exile, as he remained focused on God through his long life there. During Gateway Church’s Breaker Rock Beach VBS, the focus verse for the week was Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this age but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.” A total of 516 kids attended VBS at Gateway, where they were taught “God’s rock solid truth in a world of shifting sands.” They heard that Truth Comes from God, God’s Plan is Best, Everyone Needs Jesus, and Jesus is the Only Way! Along with these rock solid truths that they learned through worship and Bible stories, children were taught about Cuba for our Missions focus this year. If you see a child who attended VBS, ask them to share some of the attributes of God along with the motions that they learned during this time.

Kids and leaders alike are still probably humming the tune to our Breaker Rock Beach theme song. A section of the lyrics read:

“In a world of shifting sand
On Christ we stand
He’s the only perfect plan
Breaker Rock Beach
There is a Rock 
That stands the test of time
Where the wind and waters rise
And waves are always breakin’ 
There is a Rock
Where we can build our lives
His name is Jesus Christ
And we will not be shaken
At Breaker Rock Beach”

This world is ever changing, however Daniel lived in a world of shifting sand, and we still do today. To his glory, our eternal, unchanging God shows us in his Word that he has stood the test of time. Daniel built his life on the Rock and we can build our lives on that same Rock. Thank you to every person who played a part in VBS, be it through donating, serving, or praying. Let’s continue to pray that each child who heard the name of Jesus chooses to build their life upon him. Even now.

Now enjoy some praises and photos that were shared throughout the week:

Collections for Cuba:

168 pairs of reading glasses 

800+ toothbrushes/toothpaste

494 coloring books

322 packages of colored pencils

Hundreds of brown paper bags! So many were collected that several stores in Findlay were sold out! 

AND $2,816

-One 4 year old girl said her favorite part was learning about Cuba!

-Our registration leader excitedly shared how we had the *perfect amount* of volunteers for group leaders to cover the kids registered the Sunday prior to VBS.

-One family without a home church that comes to our VBS every year asked for a playlist of our “awesome songs” because their kids want to listen to them all the time.

-One 7 year old said, “I wish VBS was every night. It’s so much fun, I don’t ever want it to end!”

-A Bible story teacher shared that her helpers were phenomenal! So many volunteers willingly jumped in and participated while in the Bible story room!

-One member shared, “ My 4 year old twins and I just had a 45 minute conversation about the gospel and what Jesus did for us. We have had these conversations before but they were asking SO many more questions because they were ‘so excited about VBS.’ My daughter said, ‘mom, I want to talk about Jesus everyday and a lot more!’ Oh my goodness! What a wonderful Lord we serve!!“

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