February 20, 2023

Written by: Becca Green, Next Gen Director

In January, Kidway launched our year long Bible Buddies campaign to encourage our kids to read their Bible regularly throughout 2023 to build consistency and create good habits.

Each of our 2 year olds through our 5th graders students received a small huggable stuffed animal along with a Bible reading plan and a blank journal. So far, over 300 Bible Buddies have been given out between both of our campuses! 

How do Bible Buddies help with Bible reading?  I’m glad you asked! The kids are encouraged to read their Bibles with or to their Bible Buddy, following the reading plan that they were given for the month. For younger children who are not able to read yet, parents or an older sibling are encouraged to help out by reading to them. As they go through their reading plan, kids can check off the readings they accomplish and return their reading plan to their Kidway teacher at the beginning of the next month for a special prize. (Even if they didn’t get to check all the boxes.) Remember, this is not about perfection–it’s about reading our Bibles more consistently.

Each month, the reading plan will be following what we are learning about in Kidway on Sunday mornings. We also have some helpful digital content that comes with our curriculum that we would LOVE for our families to utilize! 

How do you access the digital content? You can sign up for our weekly Kidway text. Each Monday you will receive a link to access The Gospel Project At Home content from our curriculum for that particular week. This resource is an extension of what our kids are learning in Kidway on Sunday mornings. It is designed to give families a realistic, yet meaningful, starting point of one night a week family worship that can be done at home.

First time access to the digital content will require creating a password and registering for a free account. Content includes both a preschool and elementary Bible story video for the week, a Key Passage worship song to help you memorize the Bible verse for the month, and some suggested family activities. This is an amazing resource that we hope many families will start using at home! 

If your child did not receive a Bible Buddy, please let one of our Kidway staff members know and we would be happy to give them one! Each month, the new reading plan will be available at the Parent Resource area. Bible Buddy Reading Journals will also be available.

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