June 19, 2023

Campus Outreach Prayer Walk

Written by: Casey Andis with Campus Outreach at Bowling Green State University, one of our ministry partners.

"Praise the Lord, and do not forget all of his benefits." From Psalm 103:2

The verse above served as a theme and motivation for our prayer walk at the end of the spring semester. It marked the end of our 11th year since we began Campus Outreach at BGSU in 2012. Since then, there are many miraculous and awe-inspiring works to remember. Often, we pray and ask God to do mighty works and forget to acknowledge and celebrate when he answers. Therefore, as a ministry we wanted to acknowledge the works that God has done at BGSU over the past decade with community members, current students, and generous supporters that are just as much a part of the ministry as we are. 

As a way to remember what God has done we stopped at 4 different locations during the prayer walk to share stories of salvation, sanctification, multiplication, and endurance of students who walked alongside us in ministry. Reciting these stories not only reminds us to praise God for his work in the past, but it increases our faith that he will continue to work in the future. 

In light of that, we invited our participants to pray over the campus that the Gospel would be preached, students would be saved, and lives would be changed. We prayed that God would raise up laborers for the harvest. That students would lay down their idols, and believe in the Gospel. We prayed that they would no longer be conformed to the world, but would be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus. Best of all, as a community, we were given the opportunity to be in communion with God together. Simply asking him to hear our prayers, and inviting us into his good work in our communities. It was such an encouragement our hope and plan for the future is to do it every fall and spring from this time forward!

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