October 23, 2023

First Grade Bibles 2023

Written by: Becca Green, Next Gen Director

One of my favorite Sundays each year is our 1st grade Bible Sunday! Each September, all our 1st graders at both our North Main Campus and County Road 9 Campus are given their very own Adventure Bible to keep. I love the excitement that the kids always show when receiving a new Bible and their enthusiasm for God’s Word! This year, we had the privilege of giving out a total of 42 Bibles! We challenged the kids to do two things with their Bibles. First, we encouraged them to read their Bibles regularly. Just like we need to brush our teeth daily to keep them healthy and clean, we should be reading our Bibles daily to stay spiritually healthy and learn more about God. We also asked them to bring their Bibles back to church with them each Sunday so they can learn how to use them. Our teachers in Kidway love to help the kids learn how to find books in the Bible and how to navigate finding the verses and stories that we are learning about on Sunday mornings. One added bonus this year was that our Sew Quilt Share group used their amazing sewing skills to make small cloth bags which were just the right size for a Bible to fit inside. These will make it easier for the kids to carry their Bibles with them to church each week. The kids got to pick out their favorite bag and were excited to have many different colors and patterns to choose from. Thank you to all the Sew Quilt Share ladies for using your talents to sew the bags and for your generosity in giving them to our 1st graders!