June 12, 2024

Giving Generously for the Good News

Written by: The Go Team

3.4 billion people on this orb have yet to hear that there IS good news. 42% of the world's population has been classified as unreached peoples. Unreached People Groups (UPGs) are defined by a common culture/language that has less than 2% Christians among them. They either have not yet heard of Jesus or have no one to engage them with the ability to explain who he is.

Ironically, less than 3% of global workers work and share Christ among these groups. Yes, there are pragmatic reasons for that. UPG’s most often reside in difficult and antagonistic environments towards Christians. Seems like that did not stop the early church though. At Gateway Church, we don’t believe it should stop us either. (Want to learn more about how YOU can be involved? Read Scatter by Andrew Scott.)

Even more incredibly, using 2021 numbers:

  • Church members earn $42 trillion 
  • Christians, as a whole, “tithe” $700 billion (1.67% of earnings)some text
    • $45 billion of that tithe goes to missions (6.4% of the tithe)some text
      • $450 million of that missions giving goes to Unreached Peoples (1% of missions giving)
      • Which in turn calculates to 0.06% of the aggregate tithe ($700 billion) goes to UPGs

Wow, according to the source above, we spend more money on halloween costumes for pets than for efforts to engage with unreached people groups. For a great source of up to date information on how to invest people, time and money in terms of the greatest global needs, see stratus.earth. This website has an interactive globe that can be used to explore countries of interest.  

Earlier this year, our Gateway Church elders designated some of our reserve funds to be invested in ministries specifically working with Unreached People Groups. We are so encouraged that Gateway Church continues to be generous.  With this investment, our people are making a difference where it is needed most. Over a series of articles, the Go Team would like to share with you where those funds are being invested for God’s Kingdom and the impact that they are making.

First up, Resurrection Church of Beirut’s (RCB) new community center. Earlier this year, Gateway Church gave $75,000 to help finish this renovated center which will provide education, medical and relief services to the disadvantaged in Beirut. The majority of these people are from UPGs. In the recent past, God has used RCB greatly among these peoples. We cannot share specifics in this article, but if you are interested in hearing more, please ask a Go Team member. 

We conclude with an explanation of the use of the community center from RCB, sent this month, and a video showing the transformation of the center. 

In the heart of one of Beirut's most disadvantaged areas, stands our newly renovated community center, the “James Community Center”, a beacon of hope and transformation. Over the past months, we've poured our hearts into transforming this space into a haven for the community. With four floors dedicated to meet the holistic needs of the church congregation and its surrounding communities, it now stands ready to serve up to 7,000 individuals throughout the year.  As we share the success of this project with you, we want to express our deepest gratitude. Your prayers, generosity and commitment have been the driving force behind this journey. Your belief in our mission to make disciples for Jesus Christ through reaching the community has inspired us to create lasting and meaningful change. 

Beyond its physical infrastructure, our community center is a testament to our commitment to demonstrating our faith and love in our actions:

Facilities & Activities:

  • In the basement, we have a versatile space with 3 rooms dedicated to various community needs. The church hall serves as the main worship area, offering seating for up to 110 individuals at a time, fostering spiritual growth, and facilitating community gatherings. Additionally, we have a music studio designed for small group worship training sessions.  Furthermore, our relief distribution room plays a crucial role in supporting over 1,310 families with essential relief parcels and non-relief distributions as well, making the “James Community Center” a vital resource in our community.
  • On the first floor, Al Shafy Medical Clinic stands ready to serve, equipped to provide essential medical care to over 500 patients monthly. With a commitment to promoting health and wellness, we offer vital medical aid and support to those in need, ensuring the well-being of our community.
  • The second floor is dedicated to children's spiritual and educational programs, offering a safe and nurturing environment to learn and play.
  • The third floor of the community center hosts youth activities, conferences, and literacy programs, catering to a capacity of 108 individuals.

Now that our community center is open, we invite you to join us in prayer for its success and impact. Together, through prayer, let us uphold this center and its mission in the hands of the divine, trusting in God's guidance and provision every step of the way.

  • Pray for the individuals and families who will benefit from its services, that they may find hope, healing, and transformation.
  • Pray for our staff and volunteers, that they may be empowered and equipped to serve effectively.
  • And pray for the community at large, that they might be healed holistically through this refuge and renewal space.

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