February 19, 2024

Go Deep

Written by: Go Team

I am guessing that most of all of us have heard the phrase, “A mile wide and an inch deep.” The concept of an inch deep in the context of relationships conjures up a sense of being super shallow, uninterested and even apathetic. When used to describe a missions program, the phrase describes a ministry that is overextended, ineffective, irrelevant and without impact. These terms motivate our Go Team, driving us to achieve the opposite. We strive to select fewer partners and aim to know them well. In our Go Foundations document, one of our fourteen defining characteristics is: 

Deeper and Fewer

In going, we focus on fewer and deeper strategies and partnerships.

  • Recognizing that greater influence in one area is more powerful than token efforts in many.
  • Seeking to develop meaningful relationships that encourage and support.
  • Telling the story of God’s work and multiplying engagement as a result of personal involvement.

Personal involvement cannot be understated! At Gateway Church, we endeavor to encourage ALL our people to both know and feel like they have a hand in God’s plan. God wants each of us to have a role in reaching the nations with the incredible news that Jesus loves them and has provided a way for them to know God personally and intimately. There is joy and freedom when God is encountered and embraced through the provision of Jesus at the cross on our behalf. Literally, billions have not heard. What are we doing? What can we do?

So glad you asked! Gateway Church has some truly amazing partners here and around the globe, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. All of us have the opportunity to have an impact by taking an interest in the partners he has given us. Our Go Conference is designed with the central purpose of relationally connecting our partners with YOU! This conference is your golden opportunity to get to know one or two partners at a deeper level. Why is that so important and significant? Upstream Collective, a church-focused missions think tank, expressed the gravity of partner relationships well in the article, “Establishing Advocacy Teams”… 

Many sent ones live in physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging environments. Some are raising children far from extended family. Others struggle with cultural adjustments and language barriers. Most significantly, all serve on the front lines of spiritual warfare. For survival and spiritual health, sent ones need assurance that they are not alone, that others in the body of Christ love them and are committed to their welfare and success. Sent ones need empathetic listeners—compassionate, caring friends who are not in a supervisory role. 

Friends, for the partners that God has given us, this is directed at us! So much can be done just by caring, asking, taking an interest and praying. We are the body of Christ. Let's be sure to keep our partners confident that they are upheld and cared for by those of us at home. The Go Conference is your perfect opportunity to GO DEEPER. We both invite and challenge you to get involved. Take a look at the Go Conference web page and sign up now for the events that interest you. Be bold, get involved, be a friend, instill hope, multiply joy, extend care. Be the hands, arms and feet of Jesus for our partners by participating in our conference and deepening your relationship with them.