October 24, 2022

Kidway First Grade Bibles

Every fall at the end of September, we give each of our first graders a NIV Adventure Bible of their very own. We encourage them to not only read their Bibles at home with their parents but also to bring them back each week that they come to Kidway, so they can learn how to use them and read them at church as well. 

A few weeks ago, 42 precious first graders received their new “big kid” Bible! Their excitement was evident as they gladly accepted their gift! Here is what a few of our 1st graders had to say about their new Bible. 

What do you like about your new Bible?

Ava: I like that I can read it and learn about God.

Gabe: That it has pictures. 

William: I like how it has Psalms.

Lainey: It’s really learning about God

Lydia: I like that I can carry my new Bible everywhere I go.

Zephaniah: I like that it has a Table of Contents.

Bentley: It’s a new Bible and I can read along with the stories. 


How is this Bible different from your “little kid” Bible?

Ava: It has some pictures and the true words from God.

Gabe: It’s for bigger kids.

William: It has way more words. I can highlight verses in this one.

Lydia: It has a lot more words than pictures and I can read now so I can read it!

Zephaniah: It doesn't have pictures like the "little kid" Bible. It uses different words to say the same things as the "little kid" Bible, and it has more words. The "little kid" Bible did not have the "Life in Bible Times", "People in Bible Times", "Words to Treasure", "Live It!" and "Did You Know?" sections. My new Bible has chapters and verses instead of just the stories.

Bentley: It has more stories and I like the feature of “Words to Treasure”.


What do you plan to do with your Bible?

Ava: Read it and bring it to church to use with the big group and read it together. I am going to highlight my favorite verses too.

Gabe: Keep it and read it and tell other people about Jesus and show them  my Bible. 

William: I plan to read it a lot and read it to my sister.

Lainey: Keep it forever in a safe place and read it every day 

Lydia: I plan to read it every day.

Zephaniah: Underline verses that I like. Also, I have a Truth Journal that tells us to look up verses to go with the devotion. Sometimes, I use my Bible to look up the verses for that day.

Bentley: I want to bring it to church every Sunday. I want to read it a lot.


What is your favorite Bible Story?

Ava: When Jesus was born because Jesus saves us and He wants to be with us and there’s so many good things from Jesus.

Gabe: Noah and the Ark because we’re learning about that in school right now. 

William: Adam and Eve. It tells me how to avoid sin.

Lainey: Noah’s Ark

Lydia: I like the story when they put the blood on the doors and the angel told them to do that so they wouldn’t get hurt. God kept them safe because He saw the blood on the doors.

Zephaniah: My favorite Bible story is when Joshua walked around the wall of Jericho and when the Israelites blew their horns, God made the wall fall down.

Bentley: The Good Samaritan story and all the stories of Jesus healing people.