July 31, 2023

Men In Prayer

Written by: Kevin Dills

Men in prayer is a little known, but important, ministry here at Gateway Church. Since the church's founding, men have come together each Sunday, for each service, to pray with the Teaching Pastor. Not only do we pray for the Pastor, but we pray for the church leadership, the service, the worship team, the congregation, the volunteers, our community and so on. But why do we pray? The answer is simple. We pray because prayer is powerful, and it is how we communicate with God. We see that throughout the Bible we are called to do so. We see in the Gospels that Jesus set an example to believers to follow by praying regularly and encouraging others to pray regularly. Prayer should be an important part of every Christians life.

Around ten years ago, I was asked by a friend to fill in for their prayer partner who was out of town. After he explained what the Men in Prayer ministry was, I agreed to fill in. I was a little apprehensive because I had never prayed for that length of time with someone before. I realized quickly
that my apprehension was unwarranted, and I had a great experience praying. I filled in several more times and eventually felt called to serve in this ministry. I can say without a doubt that being in this ministry has radically improved my prayer life while giving me the opportunity to serve in the church.

Pre-COVID these two-man teams would not only pray with the Teaching Pastor before each service, but with each other during the entire service. Men in Prayer, just as many areas of the church, has had challenges with finding enough people to serve in this ministry. Post COVID, these two-man teams now have the option of just praying with the Teaching Pastor before the service.

Prayer is a part of God’s plan for accomplishing his will in this world. I would encourage anyone who feels called to serve in this ministry to reach out to me, Pastor Robert or the Gateway Church office to get connected.

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