September 26, 2022

Questions From Kids

Questions from Kids

Everyone knows that kids often ask a lot of questions….Why do I need to clean my room? What can I have for a snack? Where are my shoes? Are we almost there yet?

While their questions sometimes become repetitive and require a lot of patience to answer (especially all those “Why?” questions), I love it when kids ask spiritual questions about God and the Bible. That means they are thinking about what they are learning from the Bible and wanting to understand it better. As a parent, if you don’t know the answer to a question your child has asked, it’s a great opportunity to dig into God’s Word and learn more yourself so you can teach your children. You don’t always have to have all the answers though. It’s ok to say you don’t know the answer and then to go to someone else to help answer the question.

Each Sunday in Kidway, we use a curriculum called The Gospel Project. Our elementary classes often have a short section during their large group lesson time called “Questions from Kids”. This is when we show a short video segment from Pastor Kevin, who works for The Gospel Project, and he answers a question that a kid has sent in. He answers questions such as, “If you don’t like to sing, are there other ways to worship God?”, “Are there any gifts you can give to God?” and “Are all the bad things that happen in life because of sin?” The question usually goes along with the lesson that we are currently studying that week. 

Did you know that if your kids have questions about God or the Bible that you are not sure how to answer yourself, they can send in a question to our very own Pastor Josh? You can submit questions too, for that matter! In our Kidway classes, we have cards that the kids can fill out with their name and their question. Every several months, Pastor Josh will answer all the questions from kids on a podcast episode. Questions can also be sent in by clicking on the ‘Ask a Question’ button on the podcast page on Gateway’s website. Just a few weeks ago we had an episode with all the recent questions from kids. In this podcast, Pastor Josh answers questions such as “What happens to our pets when they die?” and “I know God has been around forever but how long did he wait to create the earth?” If you missed it, check it out here.

Finally, did you know that Pastor Kevin from The Gospel Project’s Questions from Kids will be at Gateway Church on November 5? He will be leading a Saturday morning Equip Class that you do not want to miss! It’s called “Family Matters: Discipling in the Home.” He will be addressing issues facing families today such as mental health, technology, and gender identity. Perhaps you have questions on how to navigate your family through these issues and topics. If so, bring those questions with you and join us on November 5 at our North Main Campus at 9:30am. Childcare will be provided for those who pre register. For more information and to sign up for this class, click here.