October 11, 2023

Stories Matter

Written by: Ed Grable, Life Group Director

Here at Gateway Church we are generous and care for one another very well and we often do not hear about something that has been done until it is just a memory shared or comment made in passing. We would like to start gathering these stories to share with our faith family. So if you take extra steps to care, support, or help others in or out of this body please let us know. It would be best if you write a couple of paragraphs explaining what you did and the motivation behind it. The hope is that it will encourage others to do the same thing and it will also show  everyone that we just do not talk about caring for eachother but are putting actions behind those words. Now maybe you are reading this and you have a personal story about how you have grown in your faith, the understanding of the scripture or in relationship with people in our faith family here at Gateway Church. By all means share those stories as well. Your story matters and by telling it two things will happen. First, you give glory to God and all he has done and is doing in your life. Secondly, your story could inspire, encourage, or speak to someone that needs to hear it. I look forward to hearing your stories and what God is doing in your life and the life of the people that call Gateway Church their home!

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