November 13, 2023

The Powerful Word of God

A marvelous fact about God is he desires to be known by us. By speaking to us, he invites us into this “knowing” of him. He invites us into a relationship with him through his Word. Since God’s first words to Adam and Eve, speaking to human beings has always been his primary way of relating with them. He spoke to Abraham, gave his law to Moses, he sent prophets to speak on his behalf, and he sent his Son, Jesus, the Word made flesh, into the world. Now, God continues to speak to us through inspired Scripture to guide and direct us as we follow him. 

2 Timothy 3:16-17 says, “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” Whenever God speaks, he speaks with authority. And his Word, when we believe and obey it through faith, conforms us more and more into the image of Jesus. 

This leads me to ask a very important question. In this season of life, how important is it to you to read God’s Word in order to hear from him? As we find ourselves navigating through the discipleship process at Gateway Church to worship, connect, serve and go, how much of this is being driven by your passion for God and his Word?

In order to passionately worship God, we need to be stirred by his Word through His Spirit as we are reminded of God’s saving work in our lives. To connect supernaturally with others, we start by meditating on God’s Word as it directs and guides us in our relationships with one another. 

To serve the body of believers well, we must continually experience the love and service of Jesus which can only be examined through reading God’s Word. Going out into the world proclaiming Christ to the lost begins with actually knowing God’s redemptive story for his people and being reminded of it daily. 

And this is why the Word of God is powerful. It has the capability of establishing a relationship between God and his image bearers. And it leads and guides us as we worship, connect, serve and go. As you come to worship on Sunday mornings, worship with a heart that is in awe of the Gospel which is made clear to us through God’s Word. When connecting in a Life Group, come prepared having read God’s Word so that it may stir in your heart a passion for growing with and caring for one another. As you serve your church family, serve with a humility that the Word of God produces in us . And as you go, go with the Word of God, the Gospel, ready to share it with everyone. 

Grace and peace to you all!