August 7, 2023

We Serve a Big God

Written by: Ed Grable, Life Group Director

Believe it or not, I was hyperactive and ran everywhere like Forest Gump when I was a kid. But way back then, you could do that. I spent many of my days in the woods enjoying nature. My favorite thing to do was to stare at the moon and the stars. I wanted to be an astronaut but struggled with math, science, and poor eyesight. Looking at the stars, I daydreamed about faraway galaxies and how beautiful the night sky was in rural Indiana. 

I am still awe-struck by the celestial bodies and look at them with childlike wonder knowing the God I love breathed them into existence. I had never seen a Christian leader talk about how big our solar system is, let alone how big the stars are until Louie Giglio did in the early 2000s. It shows us how amazing the lord of all creation is and how small in comparison we are, yet he loves us. It humbles me each time I watch it. 

If your Life Group needs something to start the year or you have a week or two between studies, this would be a great video to discuss. Take some time to watch it, and then if you get a chance, share it with someone who needs to see how big God really is. I pray it encourages and inspires you!

You can check it out here.